【Spotify×w-inds.】"全世界" Twitterシェアキャンペーン実施!抽選でトークイベントにご招待!2018.06.27


【Spotify×w-inds.】「100」"全世界" Twitterシェアキャンペーン
世界的音楽配信サービス Spotify と w-inds. がタッグを組んだ "全世界" Twitter 楽曲シェアキャンペーン実施!

w-inds. ニューアルバム「100」より、リードトラック「Temporary」の先行配信がスタート!!



@SpotifyJp をフォローしておいてください。当選者の方には Spotify Japan のTwitterアカウントより DMでお知らせいたします。


是非Spotifyで「Temporary」を聞いて、Twitter で「#w_inds」 をつけてシェアしてください!

「Temporary」をSpotify で聴こう!


【Spotify × w-inds.】 “Worldwide” Track Share Campaign!  Chance to win an invitation to w-inds.’ special talk session!

【Spotify × w-inds.】 “100” share-on-Twitter campaign! 
Spotify and w-inds. are teaming up again to host a worldwide track sharing campaign on Twitter!

3-member dance vocal unit “w-inds.” has released the lead tack “Temporary” from their upcoming album “100” on Spotify.  To commemorate the releases, Spotify and w-inds. are holding an international music share campaign for the track!

Among all the participants, we will chose 20 winners on a random ballot, who will receive an invitation to w-inds.’ private talk session which will be held in Tokyo this summer.  This will be a special event with all three members of w-inds. participating.
For those of you living abroad, do not worry!  If you are a winner who happens to be living outside of Japan and can’t make it to Tokyo physically, we will make the event available online!.

June 27th, 2018 ~ July 10th, 2018

<<How to join the campaign>>
• Open “Temporary” on Spotify
②Tap「…」(next to the track title) and select “Share”
③Choose “Twitter”, add hashtag “#w_inds” and post!
※Make sure to follow @SpotifyJp
We will contact and notify the winners via Twitter DM from Spotify Japan’s account.

<<private talk session details>>
Date: Wednesday August 8th, 2018
Time: TBA (evening time, JST)
Venue: secret location TBA in Tokyo